Magic Box - Larger size props for bigger hands.

Magic Box - Larger size props for bigger hands.


All Josh's favourite tricks in one amazing box. These effects produce powerful reactions from people of all ages and are very simple to learn for any beginner young or old. You also receive Josh's expert and easy to follow explanation videos as well as demonstration videos teaching you how to perform each trick with style. Guaranteed amazement in a box suitable for 7 years to 107!

N.B. This set comes in two sizes, one for small and for larger hands/wider thumbs (generally a small size will be perfect for kids and most females, large size for most adult men). This set contains the larger size. 

Magic Box includes:

The Money Making Machine 

The Vanishing Sharpie Illusion 

The Svengali Cards 

The Vanishing Hankerchief 

The Magic Lights 

Magic Sponge Balls 

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